Healthy Weight Solution

Skip the struggle and get start on nutritionist certified Green-Slimming programme!

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"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop"


  • Multivitamins

    Improve overall health and wellbeing

  • Plant based

    A balanced and nutritious green diet

  • Low calories

    Have a boost of energy while slimming

  • 14 days result

    Lose weight without harsh diet plan

  • Jess Ng, Nutritionist

    "They help in boosting up the metabolism and this is the power to burn the accumulated body fat!"

  • Lee Mei Kie, Nutritionist

    "A superfood blend helps to maintain my body weight."

  • Grace Chieng, Wellness Nutritionist

    The ingredients are perfectly safe for consumption, I really recommended!

  • Kong Yu Xuan, Food Science Nutritionist

    The ingredients are perfectly safe for consumption. I strongly suggest it!

  • Che Nur Ain, Food Technologist

    "Helps to lower cholesterol and keep us full for several hours on hectic days. It also contain multivitamins that will ensure our body function optimally through the day."

  • Elaine Ling, Food Science Nutritionist

    "This product contains high fiber and many types of vitamins. Perfect meal replacement for your body!"

  • Khairunnisa Aqilah, Biologist

    "Be it to maintain weight or burning fats, lowering blood pressure or sugar, X-cape Triple Blocker is a definite recommended & safe alternative!"

  • Hana binti Mohd Zaini, Food Technologist

    "Thanks to Fuel Good, it provide us instant satiety & energy for the whole day without strict diet and it's cholesterol-free."

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